Kevin Chen is a full-stack developer in NYC.
He's currently learning the ropes at IrisVR.


Building a CMS-based microservice system with Golang, Spring Boot, and React + Redux.



Auth ┬ÁServices on Golang, Docker, and Kubernetes.


A library for managing Twitter Snowflake IDs.

AWS SQS Golang library

A Golang SDK for initializing SQS queues and SNS topics.

Past Activity

  • Full stack developer at IrisVR.
  • Redesigning the monolith. Rolling our own CMS with section-level permissions to replace MediaWiki.
  • Put together Kubernetes demo with Spring Boot and tack on AWS.
  • Started building Rampart, auth ┬ÁService. Scouting out redux-saga.
  • DHS Flash Hackathon. Scouting out React + Redux. Using Spring Boot for backend.
  • Onboarding at TeslaGov. Intro to Spring MVC.
  • Freelancing with Ruby on Rails and Android. Worked on, the student portal for Williams College.
  • Worked on an Android app for CCNY that had dining menus, real-time bus tracker, and course catalog viewer.